Black Women Who Wanted a Revolution

Celebrating the Power and Persistence of Black Women Artist Who ‘Wanted a Revolution’

I just read about this exhibit and its importance. It’s at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

There is so much I don’t know from my position of white privilege.

The article, from Atlanta Black Star, says, “The 20-year time frame the exhibit spans notably gave rise to the women’s liberation movement, but many Black women felt marginalized by mainstream white feminism. They began to identify as womanists (coined by “The Color Purple” author Alice Walker) rather than as feminists to embrace their specific take on women’s liberation and the double jeopardy they experienced being both Black and female in a white supremacist and patriarchal society.”

I do not recognize the names of the artists referenced in the article. But I do not recognize many artists’ names, white or Black.

I was especially struck by this: “Remarkably, ‘We Wanted a Revolution’ shows how the social issues of importance to the Black community during the 1965-85 time frame, such as the prison industrial complex, are much the same today.

We have so much work to do!


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